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Effortlessly configure, launch, and manage your CDC workflows with our secure, user-friendly platform. Total control from setup to real-time data tracking

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What is CDC ?

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a process that identifies and captures changes made to data in a database, enabling real-time data synchronization and integration

Your needs, our experience

Thanks to our team's experience with Capture Data Change, build the connector that meets your needs

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Highly customizable

Tune your instance with ease thanks to our simplified UI !

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New ideas

We've put together a number of tips to help you find the best possible configuration !

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A technology-first approach

A growing team doesn't need to mean growing pains. Privacy, availability, speed and everything teams undergoing IT transition need.

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Simplified Instance Setup

Synece offers a streamlined approach to setting up your instances. With guided tips and a user-friendly configuration process, setting up your instance becomes a hassle-free experience, enabling quick and efficient data integration without the need for deep technical expertise

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Rapid Deployment

Experience the speed of Synece with our rapid deployment capabilities. Launch your instances in moments, not hours. Our platform ensures that you spend less time on setup and more on leveraging real-time data for your business needs

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Rapid Notification Setup

Synece simplifies setting up notifications by efficiently streaming database events to services like Pub/Sub. This feature allows for the automatic triggering of notifications based on specific data changes, keeping your team informed and responsive. With Synece, you can easily maintain awareness across your organization without deep technical expertise

One step to improve
your workflow

Elevate your data processes with advanced Change Data Capture, enhancing real-time analytics and decision-making efficiency

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A pricing for every need

Explore our tailored pricing plans designed to fit every scale of ambition, ensuring you get the most value out of your initiatives.

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Growth gear

For medium projects

$ / month
  • Up to 30 tables captured
  • Up to 2 connectors
  • Enhanced Security Protocols
  • Allows real time notifications
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Elite edge

Made for capturing entire databases

Our premium plan that includes everything from the Growth gear plan and more. Useful for teams needing to capture entire databases.

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